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Positive Self Talk Guide is about assisting people in making use of the Powers of their Mind to achieve their goals and desires. Many people do not know the boundless and immeasurable powers of their mind. Mind Power is an endowment from our Creator, and the only action required of each individual is utilizing it to his or her advantages.

We are passionate about educating people to utilize this power in finding solutions to all their problems and inadequacies. We give you simple steps to changing your thinking and attitudes, and finding happiness and motivation to pursue all your goals and desires. All steps have been personally practiced.

We’ll not waste your valuable time on irrelevancies. Our focus is to create short, practical and educative articles, ebooks, resources and tools, as our humble contributions to motivating you into personally developing yourself to live a life of fulfillment and achievements. The process of living a stress-free, healthy, abundant and fulfilled life is simple. All you need is to change your thinking and attitudes to yourself, people and things around you and the world in general. This is our goal. You can see, we are all about your Personal Development.

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I’m Abu. I created this site to bring to you, the usefulness and applications of Positive Self Talk. It’s part of my goal of imparting, to all and sundry, steps of utilizing your mind to achieve your goals and desires.

I am happy, healthy, stress-free and enterprising. And it is my personal mission to spread these all over the world. It’s my humble way of helping and serving mankind in making this world a better place to live in, for all.

I’m a Nigerian, living in Ilorin , Kwara State, popularly known as the State of Harmony. Here the rate of violence and crime is low, and it is generally accepted as the Land of Peace. I’m 48 and presently on a number of jobs. My full time job now is with the ruling political party in Nigeria (PDP), as the State Administrative Secretary for Kwara State. The job is demanding, fun and largely Public Relations. My training as a journalist and Public Relations practitioner is greatly assisting me. I’m enjoying it because it’s affording me the opportunity to meet different shades of people. I have been on the job for 8 years, and it might interest you to know that I didn’t ask for the job. I got it because someone I didn’t know mentioned that I was good for the job, when the party was in its formation stage. And that was how I was invited for the job.

Earlier in my life, I had written three novels. I shelved the idea of living as a full time novelist because in this part of the world full time novelists are not really self sufficient.

My other jobs are equally exciting. I run a Waste Management Company in my State and currently the Company handling the Waste Management Consultancies for two Local Governments and quite a number of Corporate and Private clients. We are in the process of spreading outside the state. I also own a Cattle Ranch in an outskirt of Ilorin. Really I live in the farm. Cattle Ranching had been the mainstay of my family heritage, but shortly before my father died over thirty years ago, our cattle had become extinct. You can imagine the anguish my family went through as a result of this development. It was my desire to revive the family life back, and this I succeeded in doing three years ago, by purchasing an expanse of land and purchasing the right type of cattle. The farm is flourishing and my family heritage is back.

My other job is Investing. I maintain a steady growth of investment profile in the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Recently I decided to venture into the NYSE; to widen up my portfolio.

I’m able to manage these jobs easily without any stress. How? I regard them as fun and love. I have learnt the ‘secrets’ of Multiple Streams of Income. And if you know the ‘secrets’ all things are possible.

I created this blog to serve humanity, and as part of my own contribution to help in uplifting the lifes of people. This blog is about Personal Development and part of my urge to impart my small knowledge to you. This knowledge, I have acquired through; reading many books and ebooks, from lectures, seminars and from practical experiences. This knowledge had given me the skill to manage my tight schedules with ease and I am able to cope with my many activities with fun

Please feel free to drop me a message at