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Asking Positive Questions As A Step Of Positive Self Talk

Asking Positive Questions As A Step Of Positive Self Talk

We are constantly asking ourselves questions, either in a positive or negative manner. Most of the time this is not a very conscious process. For example, something bad happens and we ask ourselves, “Why me?” Our minds start to find answers to that question, effectively building a case for why bad things happen to us, leading to a bad attitude, leading to more bad things happening.

Make a list of the most empowering questions you can think of, and ask those instead. The possibilities are infinite. Here are a few to get you started:

a) How can I turn this problem into an opportunity?

b) What would I do if I was already very successful?

c) Who do I need to be to achieve my dream?

d) What would my future (successful) self do?

Believe: When you ask Positive Questions, have a positive belief over them. One of the aspects of Positive Self Talk is having firm belief that you will accomplish your desires. Strong beliefs have a way of manifesting. And remove all underlying negative beliefs or thinkings as they could hamper the quick manifestation of your beliefs.

Listen To Motivating Messages: Feeding your mind with motivating and positive messages on a regular basis can really impact your attitude to success. You can read books, listen to recordings, go to seminars, etc.

Meditation: One of the things meditation is great for is supporting you to slow down and notice that your personality is not so static. Your personality, and the attitudes that accompany it, are something that you generate from moment to moment. This is an empowering realization.

Accept Your Shortcoming: This is a big one. We tend to stubbornly hold on to our attitudes, by refusing to accept our shortcomings. The best approach to this is to accept our mistakes and correct them, instead of playing excuses.

Above are some of the techniques that have worked with people. Try them. They would work for you too, if you remove all underlying negative beliefs that need changing.

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