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Positive Self Talk For Positive Energy

Positive Self Talk For Positive Energy

Positive Self Talk attracts Positive Energy. Just as like energy attracts like energy. Positive Self Talk attracts positive people, events and circumstances.

So what do you do if you are not feeling so positive? When you feel sad, angry, annoyed, or simply drained? You certainly do not want to stay that way if you want to attract positive things to your life.

Use Positive Self Talk to turn that negative energy into positive:

Acknowledge your negative feeling. Yes, acknowledge that you are feeling it. Do not deny or suppress it – simply allow yourself to feel it. By acknowledging it, it will be easier for you to leave that feeling. However, do not dwell or wallow in that feeling. Simply recognize it, and use your Positive Self Talk to change the inner feelings.

Find something to be grateful for. No matter how bad your day went, there must be something that happened that you are thankful for, no matter how small. It might be running into a friend, getting a good lunch, or something else. Dwell on this gratitude, meditate over it and let it pass to your subconscious mind.

Think about someone or something you love. Think about a loved one smiling at you. Think about a happy moment you spent together, and just as mentioned before, meditate over it and allow it to pass to your subconscious mind.

Read a joke or listen to lively music. This is especially effective if you are feeling simply tired or annoyed. A good joke or happy music can quickly shift your energy to positive. Relax your mind and let the joke or music sink into your system.

Take a break. Close your eyes, sit in a relaxed position, and breathe deeply. Imagine a beam of light shining through the center of your body. Feel that light spreading through and warming your body. You can do variations to this meditation, or do whatever relaxing meditation you are comfortable with.

Talk to positive people. Their positive energy can give you a quick pick-me-up. Positive energy is usually stronger than negative energy so their positive energy will most likely “infect” you!

So gradually eraze that negative feeling from your mind and replace it with positive feelings. Let the positive feelings permeate your body. And let your mind continue to have Positive self Talks.

Follow these tips and feel that positive energy flowing through you.

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