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Using Positive Self Talk To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Using Positive Self Talk To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Positive Self Talk is a conscious effort of using one’s mind to replace negative thoughts and beliefs with positive thoughts and beliefs, thereby using one’s mind to influence one’s performances positively.

Positive Self Talk is a tool which could be used by anyone to help him in attaining his desires and goals and therefore could be a key to any good performances, including Public Speaking.

The greatest obstacle to any aspiring Public Speaker is fear. This fear varies from one person to the other and the symptoms include sweating, shaking nervously, stuttering and sometimes in extreme cases, fainting out of the innate fear of being the center of attraction. These situations are results of Negative Self Talk.

Cases have shown that out of fear, most people who actually face this problem will treat this problem with the avoidance of any occasions where they would have to make a Public Speech. This is another exhibition of Negative Self Talk, and could lead to a life of recluse.

Applications of Positive Self Talk to treat this problem, on the other hand, provideds an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in life and in the lives of other people, to overcome this fear of Public Speaking.

Positive Self Talk, as a tool, will provide the opportunity to discover how to overcome and eliminate the fear of Public Speaking. Do you know that most people who fear Public Speaking are troubled about being perceived as bad speaker or labelled in a negative way?

Positive Self Talk is an activity of the mind, while fear is also an activity of the mind. Therefore both are controllable by the mind. Overcoming your fear of Public Speaking isn’t as difficult as most people make it seem. You neither need to spend all your time preparing for the speech, nor a ton of money getting your way out of Speaking Publicly. All you need to do is put your mind in the proper shape. And this is easily acheived with Positive Self Talk.

Your first step in using Positive Self Talk to overcome your fear of Public Speaking is to maintain Positive Mental Atttitude. This is to put your mind at ease and have a positive mind that all will be well.

In other words, remove from your mind all negative or fearful thoughts and feelings. Put out all shortcomings youn think you have and feelings that might hamper your performances. Putting your mind at ease with Positive Self Talk would remove your anxieties. These anxieties, if not removed, are the stimulators of fear and nervousness which preceed your Public Speaking.

As I mentioned earlier, fear of Speaking Publicly is a result of Negative Mental Attitude. It is damaging to your self-esteem especially if it is allowed to be part of your life for a long time. Using your mind to build a high esteem will give you self-confidence to the level it is supposed to be and enable you to speak publicly anywhere.

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