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Using Your Mind Power To Achieve Your Desires

Using Your Mind Power To Achieve Your Desires

All human Beings were born with a boundless and immeasurable power. It is this power that has made you what you are today, and it is the power that will make you what you will be in a year, two years, five years etc.

All things got started with a thought. And it is this thought that is the power in you. Personal Development practitioners call this power – Mind Power. Mere thoughts are so powerful that it can turn into something tangible. All you have to do is to focus your mind into thinking in the right manner and this can make you achieve what you want to achieve.

If there is anything you desire that you feel you cannot have, what you need to do is tap into your Mind Power. The boundless and immeasurable power of your mind is richly endowed to provide your desire, in a matter of time.

Your first step in achieving your desire is to develop a passion. How much passion do you have for the thing you desire. Thinkers say Passion is Power! Create a strong passion for the thing you want, in your mind and in your actions.

Be clear in your mind the exact thing you want. Be specific about it. If it is a car you want, you must be definite about it – the type, model etc. Focus your mind about the exterior, the paint. The interior décor, the steering wheel, the upholstery. Fasten your mind on these details.

Visualise your desire. Use your mind to see how the car moves. See yourself entering the car, starting the car and driving it round your town, and waving to friends and acquaintances. Feel the enjoyment you want in the car.

Believe all these visualizations. See yourself actually owning the car, and all these becoming a reality.

From time to time, during your visualizations you will receive a spark of message to do one thing or the other. These are Inspired Actions. Take these actions without hesitations. These are actions demanded by the Universal Supreme Intelligence, after your subconscious has communicated your passion to Him, and He has communicated back to your subconscious mind.

Take these inspired actions and in a matter of time your desire will come true.

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